you don't feel the need to know who you are, till someone in your life misunderstand it.

the concept of love, I find it not so rare.
it's not a thing that happened only once in your life. 

there are many people I love in my life, and all of them, are true love, there is no such a thing as fake love.

and there is no such a thing, as "the one".
it is anti-science, to even have the idea that you can meet your one true love among 7 billion people on the earth when you don't really think you'd win the lottery.

cause there aren't just one, there are many many people for you, and all of them, are your true love.

it's an weird idea that people start to think of love a limited resource, when you give it to one, you don't have enough for another. and jealousy, is an extension of that funny idea;

when your lover falls in love with another person, it mean he/she falls in love with another person, not that he/she stop loving you.

as I said, you don't think much about yourself, the reason why you do what you do, untill someone appears in your life that questioning it. 

and there is always going to be people that questioning you, so to know yourself, is the ways to persuade.