Sky 85 Kaoshiung

2017.9 【85。6209】

I replied to a craigslist ad, thought it might be fun.

I had not idea what kind of chaos this can turn to, and how severe it can affect my life.

It was a working day that we set a date. We supposed to meet directly in his hotel room.

I am always excited about this kind of arrangement. You never know what kind of person would show up behind the door.

Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon at the day we should meet, I wrapped things up in the office, turned off the light, locked the door. I took a taxi, heading to the highest building in the city - 85 SKY TOWER.

When arrived, I sent a message to ask which hotel he stayed in, as there are several, and he only gave me a room number. 6209.

I received a picture that’s out of focus, I can barely read, but it says “85 SKY TOWER HOTEL”

It took me some time to find the right elevator to the 62nd floor; the hotel is a traditional Taiwanese 5 star hotel, quite out dated, showed me the good old time when this area used to be the best part of the city.

I finally found the right door, and rang the doorbell.

The door opened, the guy behind the door, was a good looking mid age French guy.

I gave a nice and warm smile, as I always do, I gave my best part out at the first second, as always. But this guy, kind of rude, or maybe he’s nervous, didn’t give enough of nice greeting when first touch my arm and invite me in, didn’t give compliment when first see me, and did not look like he’s in a calm or exciting mood, ready to enjoy some intimacy in the afternoon.

Still I followed him in, the room was dim, it was still bright outside so no need to turn on the light, and it has a big window facing the Kaohsiung Port, but the sun was not out this day.

“great room.” I comment, with a smiling voice.

“yeh it’s ok, it’s my first time staying in here, it supposed to be a five start hotel, I only stay here because the exhibition I am visiting is close by, otherwise I am a platinum member of Accor hotel, so that’s where I usually stay.”

Ok, so kind of a snob.

“I see.” I said, still with a smiling voice.

I tried to observe and get to know this guy a little, but I didn’t get much.

He’s very good looking, very European. The two pupils are not pointing the same direction, the right eye seems is to not working well, strangely, this kind of flaws usually decrease peoples’ charm, and often make them a bit distant.

But not this guy, maybe his rudeness is because of this small flaws of his? As a compensation? That question I still cannot answer now.

And his eyes absolutely didn’t hurt his confidence, he is the kind of guy that is sure about his charm. Which is not for no reason. Except for the eyes, he has a very tender looking face, he look like A lan cummings but blond version.

He didn’t offer me a drink, but I can smell he already had some beer and cigarette, the combination his not create a good result for his breath.

We sit in the sofa and chat, I learnt about what he did, why he’s here, and he actually went to university in Taiwan 30 years ago.

“oh really? Then you probably know this island better than me!” as another sincere but also pretentious gesture, I said.

We had a little chat on the sofa, I sat on his left and caressed his neck. He has the softes hair I have ever touched. I told him that.

He seems to like my compliment, the rest of the time in the sofa was nice and cozy, but nothing too special.

20 mis after I got in the room, a phone call interrupt our meeting. It’s a call from work I have to take it, so it got our side of the room, with the door slightly open, and I carefully lower my voice, in case he actually understands Chinese.

After I got back to the room, he stood up and led me to the bed.

There was absolutely no foreplay. He put me in bed and climbed in top of me, I giggled, it’s a cute feeling when the both of us fully dressed and piled up in bed.

I stroke his hair, touched his face and body, but mainly the hair, it’s the thing I love the most on his body, back then, and still now.

The kissing and touching was rough and not with much feelings, I thought maybe he’s not used to this, and this is the nervous reactions.

We took off the clothes one by one, he was always on top of me, I didn’t even get a chance to suck his cock. When I reached down, his cock was nice and hard, a very nice looking and firm cock. He put on the condom swiftly, we stayed the missionary position, that’s how his cock first get inside of me. The feeling that got filled is no comparison, it’s relaxing and exiting at the same time, it’s the second you feel satisfied, which rarely happens in life, that you ask for nothing from this person that’s inside of you, you don’t blame yourself for anything, the both of you, being selfish, also generous for yourself and for each other. It’s a wonderful moment. Most of people don’t get it enough.

After he come, we lied in bed an chat a bit more, he’s not totally dead, he even got hard again and took my ass.

After the sex, we said goodbye, and wished each other a good day, I still didn’t get a drink that I expected to have. ‘’I would probably not want to meet this guy again, even he sends a message.” I thought to myself. And he never did.

In the next 11 months, the memory about that afternoon, remains a hustle date, bad breath, and a bad anal sex which left me a pain ass in the next a few dates.