So she walked to the bar, trying to make a Gin and tonic for herself. When she’s making her drink, one guy comes up to her, she stopped what she’s doing, but he tell her to continue with gesture, no need to stop for him. So she keeps making her drink, didn’t stop when he lean close, touched her hair, touched her breast, open the blouse bottons and pull it wide open. He touched her tenderly and gives a careful look of her, and went back to his sit with his friends, left her by the bar, wide opened. 

She stayed by the bar and drink, standing and watching them, checking the room, it’s very simple and graceful, not much furniture, long hair fluffy carpet covered all the floor. 

another guy comes to her now, he’s not as soft as the one earlier, he grabbed on one of her arms, and leads her to 2 other guys who were talking to him, without any warning, they put her on the floor, kneeling. Now she is kneeling in the middle of 3 chairs, with 3 guys sitting on them. The guy who leads her here is now touching her necklace, put it tighter, now she really feels like a pet that’s under control, always obeying the masters orders. 

The same guy, pulls her head close to his pants, smoothly takes out his already hard cock, and without any tenderness, shut it in her mouth, he’s holding her head and control the speed that he likes, if the teeth touched it, he would pulls her hair roughly to show her that’s not the way. 

It seems to be so long that this guy’s cock is in her mouth, every time she thought he’s gonna come, he stops the movement, she knows she will not be release unstill he comes in her mouth. 

When he finally comes, she wants to spit the cock out, but got slapped hard on the face. He pushed the cock deeper in her throat, she is feeling vomit, but she knows she needs to swallow all this in, otherwise he’s not letting her go. 

Finally, she swallowed, and he takes the cock out of her mouth, now she heard the first sentence that is addressing to her this evening: “lick it clean.” 

After him, he didn’t just release her, but push her to another guy that sits next to him, now her head is between this guy’s knees, and soon it’s another cock deep in her throat, and the cum also goes into her mouth; in this little circle she doesn’t remember how many guys was in her mouth, and how many of them has asked her to swallow, she obeyed to all orders. 

By the time she can no longer use her mouth, it’s way too sour for her to suck, they took her to the bar, put a chain on her collar, connected to a ring by the bar. It’s long enough for her to lie on the floor. She suspects that all of them, have already used her mouth, she doesn’t know what is happening next. 

The guys are now back to where they were, enjoy the rest of the evening, like it is just normal that there is a half naked girl got chained in the corner of the room. 

She have lost count, and connot recognize any face, but she noticed that some men has left, and some other men came into the room. They come and use her like using the equipment in the gym. 

A guy put down a pet’s tray by her feet, it’s water, for her to drink. 

She looks up to him, and he pet her face. Now she knows she’s not leaving here anytime soon. 

The night is getting dark, more guys got in. all of them, apparently know what the room serve. they got in with the attitude that’s no difference then going into any shops, stores, or facility; they get in, and they get what is needed, or wanted. 

They now make her facing down on the bar, ass sticking out, it’s the easiest position for all of them to use her, she doesn’t get to stand up, when one guy finishing using her holes, another will take his place. 

One of the guys took the chain off of the bar, so they can access her mouth while someone is fucking her from behind. Many cocks come in her mouth again, she starts to swallow again. 

A guy is now fucking her from behind, and she felt his cramp, the end of his pleasure, and when left her body, she heard some people complain that he came inside of her, now no one wants to use that hole. She can feel the cum drips out, no one bother to clean her, they just turn to another hole. 

She doesn’t know for how long that night last, finally no one cares about putting on condoms, she was filled with cum in all 3 holes, and covered with also, by the time she has no strength to carry on, can no longer get herself on all four, they take off her collar, and leads her to the bathroom. 

A second sentence that was addressing to her directly tonight, it’s from the guy who took her in here: “come to the café tomorrow same time, I will wait for you.”